Harnessing the Power of Nature to Heal and Detoxify Using Clinoptilolite.

What is Clinoptilolite?

Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite, the purest zeolite on the planet actually. All zeolites contain some minerals and heavy metals naturally. The quantity present depends on the location and exposure to the elements, environmental pollutants and the likes. The particular product I will be talking about in this article is a Practitioner Only product – meaning you can only get it from a registered qualified Practitioner and not over the counter or from a health food store. This product has been purified even further to have absolutely zero minerals or heavy metals. It is THE purest Clinoptilolite on the market. It is referred to as MAC; Modified Activated Clinoptilolite.


This form is the most effective medicinal volcanic mineral. Other clinoptilolites and zeolites readily attract heavy metals and other toxins and are often contaminated prior to consumption and use. It is vital to choose a form of Clinoptilolite which has a patented advanced purification and activation process yielding only pure uncontaminated Clinoptilolite. You wouldn’t want to put dirty oil or fuel into your car would you? The same theory goes for using Clinoptilolite.

The beauty of using Clinoptilolite is that is does not truly enter the body. It merely passes through the digestive tract without any of the MAC actually passing through the intestinal walls. It binds to homeostatic disruptors such as heavy metals, toxins, excess biogenic amines and ammonia, mycotoxins, viruses, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), organophosphates, food additives, hormones and xenoestrogens, and more.

MAC has a high porous surface area with Crystaline channels or openings where heavy metals and other toxins can bind. It is negatively charged so therefore acts like a magnet, drawing toxins into the crystalline structure, capturing and binding them and removing them from the body via the gastro intestinal tract.

MAC removes toxins in a hierarchical  order. Heavy metals are bound and removed first. Mercury, lead, tin, cadmium, arsenic, aluminium, antimonite, nickel. Next are toxins such as biological substances like ammonia, histimine, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, POPs, microbial components.

Clinoptilolite supports the largest regulatory organ in the body – the liver. By helping to clear out all toxins and chemicals burdening this organ, it helps the liver to work more efficiently.

To find out if MAC is right for you, or to order, please email Michelle at:  michelle@michelleheltay.com