A recent visit to the dentist triggered a discussion about remineralising teeth. Much to my surprise, he agreed with me that indeed a person can remineralise enamel and heal cavities. We discussed many natural options in that visit and I went away, even more secure in the knowledge that my family is in good hands with Dr Tom from Dental Wellness

For the past 2 years, I’ve been experimenting with various remineralising toothpaste formulas. It’s been a lot of trial and little bit of error.

One thing to remember, is that to remineralise any teeth, requires and internal and external process. So while it’s very important to use the correct toothpaste or powder on your teeth, it is equally important to ensure you support healthy teeth from the inside via saliva and growing healthy bone matrix

This remineralising toothpaste is fluoride free, xylitol free and glycerine free. When you are trying to remineralise your teeth, you need to ensure your toothpaste does not include glycerine. Glycerine coats your teeth and counteracts the remineralisation process.

Remineralising Toothpaste Ingredients

  • 2 parts calcium carbonate

  • 2 parts food grade bentonite clay

  • 1 part raw cacao powder

  • 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt or pink himalayan salt

  • 4 parts raw organic sesame oil (sometimes you need more)

  • 4 parts boiling hot water

  • certified organic essential oils of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, blood orange, frankincense, spearmint


  1. Add all the powders and salt together in a glass jar or ceramic bowl

  2. add the boiling water and stir. If the water isn’t enough, keep adding in 1 tbsp at a time until you reach a creamy smooth consistency

  3. Add in the sesame oil next and carefully mix (it tends to splash everywhere) until it’s well mixed. It will stay creamy and smooth. You want a good coating of oil in the toothpaste

  4. Add in essential oils now

  5. Decant into separate jars for each member of the family

  6. Allow the mix to cool before putting the lids on the jars. Always use glass jars

Notes: do not use more than 8 drops of clove essential oil in this mix. It’s very powerful. More is not better

‘Part’ indicates whatever unit of measurement you are using. I use tablespoon measurements but you may prefer to use teaspoon units to begin with.

You can pick up Calcium carbonate from your local co-op.


Internally Remineralising Teeth

Remineralisation is a whole body process. Whilst it is fabulous to coat the teeth in a mineral rich environment, it is even more important to support the bones internally. Remember, teeth are bones. It’s not just happening in your teeth. Support the whole body.

Bones require certain fat soluble minerals that most people are just not getting enough of in their daily diets. Even I supplement with certain vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D3 is great for healing cavities. Whenever you supplement with Vitamin D, ensure you are getting decent Vitamin K2 also. It must be MK7 from vegetarian sources for the body to absorb.

Magnesium is a bone grower. It is the mineral that helps bones to grow healthy from word go. Added to that, your bones require good amounts of silica, boron, phosphorus, manganese and calcium (bone hardener).

You also require a good quality Activated Vitamin B complex. Please ensure your B complex does not contain cyanocobalamin.

There are two types of oils that I highly recommend for healing cavities and remineralising teeth. They are DHA/EPA oil such as Udo’s Oil DHA Blend and Blackcurrant oil. Please ensure the blackcurrant oil is hexane free. Please be aware that your hair will also be luxuriously healthy with these two oils. Your nails will grow healthier and stronger and your skin will also glow

Lastly, a good quality Vitamin C is essential for healing damaged teeth

Using a good quality mouthwash is important. Please avoid carcinogenic commercially available mouthwashes. These are the ones that contain alcohol. I wont name any brand names but you see them on TV all the time. They are bad news and only fatten the wallets of the companies who manufacture them. Make your own. It’s fast, simple and very cost effective.


I make a mouthwash from Green Nutritionals Green Calcium powder and filtered water. I usually add in my special blend of essential oils for healing.


3 teaspoons Green Nutritionals Green Calcium powder

2 cups filtered water

20 drops essential oils

Swish around the mouth and gargle for up to 2 minutes. Spit out. Do not rinse.


Other factors to consider are avoiding enamel destroying phytic acid. Phytic acid is in foods such as legumes, nuts and seeds. The aquafaba from chickpeas is the latest thing used to make ‘healthy’ meringues. Please don’t use this! While it may be cheap to use and easy to make, it’s just as bad for you as the sugary meringues. Phytic acid binds minerals so they will not get to where they need to get to.