Hope’s Homeopathics Hypericum 30C

Hope’s Homeopathics Hypericum 30C




Hypericum is a good remedy for treating injuries to areas of the body which are dense in nerve endings, such as
the fingertips, toes, lips and nose. 

It assists in relieving piercing, shooting or radiating pains which may be caused by bites or stings, crushed fingers in doors, minor burns or tail-bone injuries.

This remedy helps to relieve pain following operations. It helps to prevent lockjaw and tetanus. 
It is useful for treating headaches which have the sensation of being lifted high into the air, and also vertigo which has the sensation of the head suddenly becoming elongated.

Hypericum is also a good mental nerve remedy and helps to treat depression and irritability following injury, stress and shock. 

It may also be helpful in alleviating nervous pains in phantom limbs following an amputation, toothaches or any uneasiness following dental treatment.



hypericum front

hypericum back

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