Taiga Professional A320

Taiga Professional A320


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*** Strictly Practitioner Only ***
(Customer must have been assessed by our Naturopath before this product can be shipped out. For further information or to book a Naturopathic Consultation contact us)

This high-potency, practitioner-only supplement, contains the equivalent of 6400 mg of fresh conifer needles per capsule and is a powerhouse of natural source nutrients.

Active Ingredient: Conifer Green Needle Complex.

Taiga Professional A 320 (Bioeffective A) is a natural biological active compound, which has been extracted from green conifer needles. Bioeffective A is inclusive of over 300 components, which work collectively to improve the overall health and wellness of the user.

The Bioeffective A product works as

  • an antioxidant
  • improves gastric health
  • liver health & detoxification
  • anti-microbial activity
  • female health
  • assists with the treatment of moderate heart disorders
  • acts as an adjunctive therapy for numerous skin diseases

A vastly complex natural blend of lipid – and water-soluble components including, but not limited to:

* chlorophyll
* polyprenols
* resin acids
* fatty acids
* squalene
* vitamins: E, K
* phytosterols (mainly β-sitosterol)
* minerals (various)
* carotenes (lutein, zeaxanthin, β carotene, α carotene)

Sourced from the Taiga and manufactured/ packed in Australia as a therapeutic good.





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