Every now and then, it’s soothing for the soul to have a bit of an indulgent treat. Except who wants to spend hours making desserts? This is a super healthy yet incredibly scrumptious sundae that helps to nourish the adrenals (yep, you read that right!) and feed the soul. Using dates to make the caramel, this is one of the healthiest desserts/treats you can make!

(Per serve)

  • Nana Nice Cream
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • Dash of nut or seed milk
  • Caramel
  • 12 medjool dates soaked a minimum of 3 hours in cold water or 15 minutes in hot water (deseeded and drained)
  • Dash of nut or seed milk
To make the Caramel
Make the caramel first! Drain the soaked dates. You can keep the water to drink later or discard. Add all the dates and approximately 2 tbsp. of nut/seed milk. Blend/process until a creamy thick caramel texture. Add more milk if needed. Set aside
To make the Nana Nice Cream
Slightly defrost the 2 frozen bananas until you can just chop them into small chunks. Place into your mini food processor or blender. Add a dash of milk. Process/blend. You may need to add in tiny dashes of milk a couple times, and use a spoon to push the frozen banana off the sides of the blender/processor. Do NOT over blend/process as the nana nice cream melts super-fast!!!!
In your Mason jar or glass of choice, layer in the nana nice cream, caramel, fresh berries/fruit, more nana nice cream etc.
Consume immediately with childish glee!
Dates are fabulous at helping to feed the adrenal glands. How many people suffer from exhaustion in the afternoon or have adrenal fatigue? This is a fabulous recipe as an afternoon pick me up or night time treat – just make sure it’s not too late at night. Going to bed on a full stomach isn’t great for digestion nor the liver.
Dates help to restore peristaltic function to the intestines. That means it helps the intestines move food along the intestinal ‘tubes’ for digestion.