Golden seal – a beautiful herb that makes the Medical Herbalist in me sing with joy! It is a truly undervalued herb that is so important for so many of the body functions.

Golden seal is often used as a first line of defense at the onset of a head cold or when a stomach virus presents. Anytime there is nausea especially combined with burping, accompanied by a sore throat, headache, sore back and other typical head cold symptoms, golden seal is brilliant.

Golden seal’s properties include antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, tonic, digestive and bile stimulant, anti-catarrhal, emollient, laxative, soothing.

Golden seal is particularly effective in treating infections of the mucous membranes found the respiratory, digestive, skin and reproductive systems.
Golden seal is extremely effective in hay fever, rhinitis, sinus, excess mucus and in some cases of eye infections. As soon as the itchy eyes, sneezing, running nose and itchy throat occur, out comes the golden seal. Whenever I hear a client complain of chronic sinus pain, I recommend a course of golden seal.

Golden seal cleanses and promotes healthy glandular functions by increasing bile flow and digestive enzymes, therefore regulating healthy liver and spleen functions. It can relieve constipation and may also be used to treat infections of the bladder and intestines as well.

  • Not to be used during pregnancy as it is a uterine stimulant.
    If used internally over a long period of time (longer than 4 weeks), or in excessive amounts, golden seal can become an irritant to the mucous membranes. When using it long term, take a break after 3-4weeks for a week and then resume treatment. Repeat the cycle. If you are sensitive to golden seal, please discontinue use immediately.

Recipe for Conjunctivitis:

10g golden seal root
10g Chamomile flowers
Make a decoction*, strain and use as an eye wash once cooled, 3-6 times per day until the conjunctivitis clears.

To Make a Decoction:

Add the dried herbs to 1-2 cups water, bring to the boil and then turn down to simmer for 20 minutes. Cool and strain.

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