Adaptogenic Herbs for Whole Body Health

Michelle Heltay

Posted on October 31 2019

Adaptogenic Herbs for Whole Body Health


An adaptogen is a plant that greatly improves your body’s ability to adapt to stress. A stressor could be heat, cold, a busy lifestyle, high altitudes, noise, or any number of other stressors. Adaptogens help restore balance, they protect the body.

They impart strength, endurance, energy, improve mental clarity and help normalize your physiological functions.

There are only 13 proven adaptogenic herbs: withania (ashwaganda), astragalus, ginseng, licorice root, holy basil (tulsi), rhodiola, maca, schisandra, cordyceps, reishi mushroom, dang shen (codonopsis), jiaogulan herb (gymnostemma – one of my favourite longevity herbs) and Rhaponticum (Russian Leuzea or Maral Root) is an herb used in traditional Siberian and Russian medicine to bolster physical performance particularly after illness.

Adaptogens are beautiful adrenal nourishing herbs. They help restore the balance and function of the adrenals. Anyone suffering from adrenal fatigue or burnout will benefit from having one or more of the adaptogenic herbs added to their herbal healing protocol

Adaptogens deliver more than just adrenal nourishment, their actions work on many other aspects of the body too. One little known fact is that they can quiet a stress activated enzyme known as JNK. JNK is responsible for increasing inflammatory and oxidative compounds and decreasing ATP (energy) generation. So taking a suitable adaptogenic herb, will help mediate this stress response.

Herbal adaptogens are unique in the way that they are able to protect the mitochondria – the energy centres – responsible for producing energy, inside each and every one of our cells, it protects these mitochondria from stress induced damage. The adaptogen stimulates the cell to produce proteins that help resist stress and enhance longevity.

Adaptogens also help regulate the immune and nervous systems and have antidepressant effects on the body.

If you feel that an adaptogen is something that you need in your health protocol, please speak to a qualified Medical Herbalist or send me an email

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