Coffee Enemas – You Put What Where?

Michelle Heltay

Posted on November 18 2019

Coffee Enemas – You Put What Where?

I’m a bit of an expert on coffee enemas. I’ve personally done around 400 or so in my life. Maybe a few more. They are the ultimate in liver detoxing, especially while juice fasting. In fact, if you are juice fasting for longer than three days, they are an essential to the effectiveness of the juice fast/cleanse/detox.

I remember when I first heard about enemas, it was from a friend who had one going into labour. They flushed her out before she birthed. I was both fascinated and horrified at her description of the process. I swore then, I’d never let anything near my rear end! Never was I going to do an enema. Nope, no way.

Fast forward 15 years and now I’m a pro. Going back to doing long term juice fasts meant I had to find a way to remove toxins safely from my body. It took me two years to work myself up to doing an enema. And boy oh boy, am I glad I did! It was nothing like the fearful horrible thing I had imagined it to be! Coffee enemas really clean you out from the inside out. They flush out toxins, built up fecal matter, fungus, dust mite debris and dead dust mites, chemicals from air fresheners, paint fumes, air pollution, plastics and more. They even help to rid to body of parasites.

So What is An Enema?

The first time I did an enema, I was petrified I was going to tear a hole in my colon or blow up my stomach from too much water. I thought I’d be in pain and mess – and it was none of that. I was imagining the worst when in reality, it was a fairly simple, straight forward procedure.

An enema is water injected or released into the colon via the anus using an enema bag or bucket and tubing. It is a gentle process and should be treated with care and respect. Enemas are fabulous at clearing out compacted fecal matter from the lower colon and clearing out toxins from the liver and gall bladder

Do You Really Have to Use Coffee?


The coffee detoxes, not just the colon, but the liver too.

“Technically, the coffee enema is a coffee implant and a retention enema.  This means that one implants or applies the coffee herb into the colon, and the procedure is to retain the coffee mixture for 15 minutes. A coffee enema is an ancient herbal hydrotherapy procedure.  It consists of filling an enema bag or bucket with a mixture of about 2 to 4 cups of filtered or distilled water, and ¼ to 2 tablespoons of coffee that has been boiled or percolated for up to 12 minutes or so.  One filters the coffee grounds before putting the liquid in the enema bag.  One then places this mixture in the colon and retains it for about 15 minutes.  At this time, the liquid is expelled into the toilet”Dr Wilson

So, why coffee? The coffee goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxifier. It then stimulates the hepatic (liver) duct to dump toxins. The liver begins to produce more bile (all those toxins are there), and the bile gets moved in the intestine for elimination via the duct. This is why it is essential to do at least one coffee enema a day during a fast or cleanse – to remove all the toxins from the liver and intestines, otherwise they will just resettle in the body and you will have wasted all that time, effort and money doing the fast/cleanse in the first place.

The body recycles bile up to 10 times, reabsorbing bile and bile salts through the intestinal walls. It is one of the ways the body conserves its resources. Because bile is reused, a large portion of the toxins tends to be reabsorbed along with the bile. A coffee enema activates and intensifies certain enzyme systems that ensure that around 98% of toxins in released bile will be safely carried out of your body!

How is a Coffee Enema Different from Drinking Coffee?



“When coffee is introduced into the colon, it is absorbed directly into the liver through the colon wall.  Coffee has a special affinity for the liver, and moving it there from the colon is very different than sending it to the liver by drinking it.  When coffee is ingested by mouth, it is digested by the stomach acids, mainly, and most of its herbal medicine properties are destroyed” – Dr Wilson

Benefits of an Enema

  • Cleans out the colon and helps improve the function of the muscles in the colon
  • Detoxifies the liver and helps repair it
  • Increases glutathione S-transferase (GST) in the liver by a whopping 700%! This enzyme binds with toxins and flushes them out through the colon
  • Improves digestion by helping to eliminate bloating and gas.
  • Boosts mental clarity and helps enhance mood. A coffee enema increases detoxification which speeds up the duplication of red blood cells. These cells carry oxygen which goes to the brain. More oxygen in the brain equals more clarity, better focus and happier mood.
  • Reduces and even eliminates headaches and migraines. A good quality magnesium supplement and a coffee enema often relieve headaches and migraines.
  • Eliminates parasites by flushing out old debris, impacted fecal matter and the ‘food’ the parasites feed off inside your intestines. If you are killing off parasites with herbs, you will flush out their dead bodies too
  • Eases ‘die off’. As you detox, especially if you haven’t detoxed before or in a long time, your body and liver will get rid of toxins. Doing a coffee enema, the toxins are purged out and prevented from recirculating back into the body. It helps to speed up the healing reaction also.
  • Boosts energy. When the liver and gall bladder are free of toxins burdening them, your whole body feels light and fresh and clean.
  • Prevents chronic illness from overburdening of the organs due to toxicity. Regular detoxing helps to keep the body and immune system healthy. 80% of the immune system lies behind the intestines. Keep the ‘tubing’ clean and you keep your immune system healthy
  • Beautiful skin and clear complexion. When the body is full of toxins, when the liver is overburdened with toxins and crap, it cannot detoxify and filter the blood. An overburdened liver will throw toxins out to the kidneys and an overburdened kidney will throw toxins out through the skin. Keep your body clean and clear and you skin will reflect your inner cleanliness
  • Purifies blood: Kahweol and cafestol pulminate (found in coffee) stimulate glutiothione-S-transferase (GST). GST is an enzyme system in the liver that captures toxins in the bloodstream. The bound toxins are then flushed out with the enema. Every 3 minutes, all the blood in the body passes through the liver. This process leaves the blood clean and less toxic.


I can’t stress enough, how good it feels to be clean on the inside. To get rid of the ‘crap’, so to speak, to release built up toxins, and impacted fecal matter. Just think of the movie K9 where Jerry Lee runs through the grass after his encounter with the French Poodle and the song, “I feel good” comes on. It’s THAT good!

Who Should Do a Coffee Enema?

Anyone and everyone, especially those who are toxic, wanting to detox, are already detoxing, on a juice fast, people with chronic allergies, chronic health conditions, gastrointestinal issues and liver sluggishness.

Enemas help to lessen the detox symptoms, making any cleanse or fast or detox, easier to move through.

Note: If you are questioning doing an enema due to chronic health issues, please speak with your Primary health care practitioner first.

It is not recommended for young children to do enemas unless under strict supervision of a medical professional.

If you are pregnant, please also consult your Primary health care practitioner first. Normally, there are no risks whatsoever though please err on the side of caution. Water enemas are usually recommended only during pregnancy.

If you suffer from severe IBS or Crohn’s, please consult with your Primary health care practitioner.

Some Tips

  • Only use pure fresh filtered water. Never use tap water that is filled with chlorine and fluoride.
  • Use organic coffee only
  • A light roast is recommended over a medium or dark roast
  • Use 3 tablespoons of coffee per 1L of water. Bring the coffee to the boil and reduce to low simmer for 12 minutes. Allow to cool.
  • Never use hot coffee. Allow it to cool to body temperature.
  • Hold the enema for up to 15 minutes. Any longer than that and the body just absorbs the coffee.
  • You will experience some ‘accidents’. It’s part and parcel of doing enemas. Use lots of old towels and or sheets over the floor.
  • Get comfy! Use a pillow, light some candles for ambience, read a book, put some oils in an oil burner/candle melt warmer. Do whatever you need to do to make it a pleasant experience.
  • If you can’t hold it, that’s fine. Get to the loo, release what you have and go do another enema. It’s not a big deal. Sometimes fecal matter shifts and it just has to come out. You may want to massage your abdomen too as that helps slow or stop the urge to ‘go’.
  • Use a stainless steel enema kit as it’s a healthier option, as well as much easier to clean and keep clean, than a silicone bag

Can you Do Too Many Enemas?

Gerson therapy recommends up to 6 times a day for people with chronic illnesses and cancer. Dr Laurence Wilson mentions between 1-3 enemas daily is quite ok.

For people who are on a juice fast, I would recommend at least one coffee enema a day, and sometimes two. If you are having extreme detox reactions such as severe headaches, nausea, stomach aches, try a third enema and see if that relieves it. Otherwise, speak with your Primary health care practitioner.

There are articles floating around about how dangerous coffee enemas are and how they do so much damage to people’s intestines and intestinal flora. When you dig deeper and you discover the enema practises these people performed, it’s usually from overzealous enemas, rough handling of the enema itself, too much water and trying to hold onto it for too long and using incorrect water and coffee with other substances. Keep it simple. There’s no need to get fancy using all kinds of superfoods or powders etc. Good old fresh pure clean filtered water is just as good.

If you feel a daily coffee enema is causing an intestinal imbalance, take a good quality probiotic each morning, remembering to supplement with a quality Saccharomyces boulardii supplement also.

Take it easy. Each person is different. What works for one person, may not be suitable for the next.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email through to me or leave a comment below


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