Do Microwaves Deserve a Bad Rap?

Michelle Heltay

Posted on November 06 2019

Do Microwaves Deserve a Bad Rap?


Microwaves are one of the most common household appliances. They are certainly convenient, heating up food significantly faster than other methods. But are they worth the convenience when it comes to your health or are microwaves completely safe as other purport?

Is it true that using a microwave will zap all the nutrients in your food? What about causing damage to food and bodies?


There is so much conflicting information on the world wide web, in articles and from all the experts. Who do you believe? And who are all these experts? There is conflict amongst the scientific community, the health community, the medical community.

Studies have been produced that show microwaves damaging heat sensitive items such as breast milk and blood. These are items that you wouldn’t normally heat in the first place – at least not to boiling point. It only makes sense that these products would end up with zero nutrients. But what about foods such as raw organic vegetables and raw cows milk from a Bio farm? These are food items that would normally be heated through other means of cooking.

Microwaves Can Change the Makeup of Your Blood

A study was conducted in Switzerland by Hans Hertel.  “To control as many variables as possible, we selected eight individuals who were strict macrobiotic diet participants from the Macrobiotic Institute at Kientel, Switzerland,” Hertel explained. “We were all housed in the same hotel environment for eight weeks. There was no smoking, no alcohol and no sex.”

This small but well-controlled study conducted over 2 months, pointed the firm finger at a degenerative force of microwave ovens and the food produced in them. There were only 8 subjects in the study but the results were outstanding.

The volunteers in the study received one of the food variants on an empty stomach. The food variants were:

  • raw milk from a biofarm
  • the same milk conventionally cooked
  • pasteurized milk from Intermilk Berne
  • the same raw milk cooked in a microwave oven
  • raw vegetables from an organic farm
  • the same vegetables cooked conventionally
  • the same vegetables frozen and defrosted in the microwave oven
  • and the same vegetables cooked in the microwave oven

All the volunteers has blood taken immediately before consuming the food and again, at defined intervals after eating from the above-numbered milk or vegetable preparations. Significant changes were discovered in the blood of the volunteers who consumed foods cooked in the microwave oven. These changes included a decrease in all hemoglobin values and cholesterol values, especially the HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values and ratio.

Lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a more distinct short-term decrease following the intake of microwaved food than after the intake of all the other variants. These changes are enough to show how the impact of food preparation can alter health from robust to declining and degenerative. Additionally, there was a highly significant association between the amount of microwave energy in the test foods and the luminous power of luminescent bacteria exposed to serum from test persons who ate that food.

Erythrocytes, hemoglobin, mean hemoglobin concentration, mean hemoglobin content, leukocytes and lymphocytes were measured. The chemical analysis consisted of iron, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. The results of erythrocyte, hemoglobin, haematocrit and leukocyte determinations were at the “lower limits of normal” in those tested following the eating of the microwaved samples. “These results show anemic tendencies. The situation became even more pronounced during the second month of the study,” Hertel added.


Heating Food in Microwaves Leaches Toxins into Your Food

When you microwave food in plastic containers, the chemicals in the plastics leach out into the food being heated. The January/February 1990 issue of Nutrition Action Newsletter reported the leakage of numerous toxic chemicals from the packaging of common microwavable foods, including pizzas, chips and popcorn. Chemicals included polyethylene terpthalate (PET), benzene, toluene, and xylene. Microwaving fatty foods in plastic containers leads to the release of dioxins (known carcinogens) and other toxins into your food.

And if those nasty chemicals weren’t enough to cause concern, others such as heterocyclic amines (HCAs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and advanced glycation end products (AGEs), known as glycotoxins, also form whenever food is cooked at high heat. All three of these are known carcinogens. These compounds are not present in raw food; more than 90 percent of our exposure to these carcinogens comes from cooked food, including microwaved foods.

Microwave Energy and Radiation

It is interesting to note that Microwave energy is used in many different applications such as the large mobile phone towers that are strategically placed around the country. People have reported feelings of illness, fatigue, mental lethargy, nausea and more. The radiation emitted from microwaves, while some argue is negligible, is still radiation. Yes, our phones and computer monitors, TV’s and other devices emit radiation energy but how can we be so blasé to believe that just because those devices emit radiation energy, that suddenly microwaves are somehow safe to use to cook our food and to stand in front of or near to, while we are cooking. Our children and unborn children are being exposed to this energy.

Microwaves operate on very similar gigahertz frequencies to most 4G mobile phone networks. When I called my mobile phone carrier voicing my concern, they assured me that my devices, the mobile phone tower and even smart meters are actually very safe and emit no dangerous radiation or frequencies at all. This claim seems to be standard across much of the scientific community as well as a standard spiel in the industry.

Yet, research from Professor Emeritus, Martin Pall, Ph.D has shown how the low level non thermal microwave exposure actually does cause biological harm! Cell membranes have something called voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs). These are embedded into the cell membrane. When these VGCCs are activated by microwaves, they release the most destructive free radicals known to man: peroxynitrates which then create hydroxyl free radicals. These decimate mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, membranes and proteins that lead to mitochondrial dysfunction.

The tissues with the highest density of VGCCS are the brain, nerve tissue (such as the pacemaker in the heart) and testes. In a 2016 paper, Pall documents how microwaves EMFs produce neuropychiatric effects including “anxiety, depression, fatigue, tiredness, inability to concentrate, memory changes, irritability and EEG changes”. Is it any wonder that conditions and disease such as Alzheimers, anxiety, arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), depression, and male infertility are on the rise?

Professor Palls research shows how again, microwaves cause biological damage to the body. Just like Hertel’s study which showed how microwaved food damages the body, Pall’s research shows how microwave radiation itself damages the VGCCs and other body systems. Pall has compiled a list of 123 studies and paper documenting this for those who wish to delve deeper into some research.

The Effects of Microwaves on Plants and Water

A few years ago, a young girl did a science experiment on the effects of using microwaved water and purified water on seedlings. The results were simply amazing. There was a social media frenzy over the pictures. Even good old Snopes got involved, denying any correlation between microwaved water and dying seedlings. You can see the images of the experiment below and decide for yourself if the schoolgirl was correct or Snopes.

Now, as I don’t own a microwave oven, and haven’t for over 15 years, I personally couldn’t conduct a study to see if I could replicate the results from the school girls experiment. So I went searching for someone who had indeed replicated the study. I was specifically searching for a skeptic or at least a semi skeptic. And I found one. Laura Turner decided to conduct her own experiments after much discussion with some family and friends. This was her result: “The poor little basil plant getting the microwaved water is nearly dead. Do you think I should send this to Snopes and let them know that in this case, it’s true that microwaved water will kill plants?”

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist and water researcher, revealed the true nature of water and how thoughts and vibrations affect the molecular structure of water. In his years of water research, through high speed photography of thousands of water crystals, Dr Emoto has shown the most beautiful crystals are those formed after the water is exposed to the words ‘love and gratitude.’ The fact that the human body is made of 70% water, our thoughts can have profound implications on our health and the well-being of the planet.,

Dr Emoto photographed a water molecule that had been repeatedly exposed to microwaving. It produced a similar effect on the water molecule that the word ‘Satan’ did


Breaking Free of Your Microwave

There are quite a few easy ways to heat and cook meals without a microwave. You really can survive without it.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • plan, plan and plan ahead! Take your food out of the freezer the night before or morning of the day’s meal so you don’t have to rush to defrost it just before dinnertime.
  • Reheat meals on a cook top in a pan or pot, use a steam convention oven or use a sandwich press. These are all wonderful and healthier options. I often use my cook top to reheat soups, stews, casseroles, pastas, rice and curries.
  • Use the grill or oven on low heat for pies, rolls, flans, quiches.
  • Consider consuming more raw meals. If you desire those warmed up, consider investing in a dehydrator. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can heat food gently in an oven (not gas, not ever), on the lowest setting with the door slightly ajar.

I have a couple raw food eBooks for those who are interested in learning more about bringing in quick, easy and delicious raw meals for their families.


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