Protect Brain Health and Cognitive Function with Carrots

Michelle Heltay

Posted on November 01 2019

Protect Brain Health and Cognitive Function with Carrots


Bugs Bunny had it right all along. A wise little rabbit.

But carrots are not just rabbit food. They are an incredibly nutritious powerhouse that is available all year long.

I buy between 10kg – 20kg of organic juicing carrots each week. Organic is a better option than conventional as conventional carrots are usually washed in kerosene to keep them that gorgeous bright orange and fresher longer. The carrots I purchase are direct from the farmer so no washing other than water.

Did you know, the common carrot benefits just about every system in the body? From digestive to immune system, carrots are one of my top healthy vegies, especially if you are seeking to shed weight. Carrots help increase metabolism so for those with sluggish metabolisms, grab a large carrot juice to go!

But did you know that carrots also benefit brain health and cognitive function? See carrots and carrot juice benefits brain health by helping to prevent against Alzheimer’s disease, improving memory, and defending against other types of cognitive decline. This is due to carrot’s ability to lower oxidative stress in the brain that can weaken nerve signaling capacity.

So juice up a kilo of carrots today. It’s the best form of health insurance I can think of.

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