Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil 100ml

Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil 100ml


A nourishing, deeply cleansing facial oil suitable for all skin types.

Many people are afraid of using oils on oily skin, believing it will make their skin oilier, when it actually helps the skin to rebalance the production of oils.

Combining the Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil with a soft cleansing cloth such as the Bamboo Terry or Bamboo Viscose means you will get the best out of your skin care regime.

Sesame oil*, Avocado oil*, Argan oil*, Meadowfoam oil* Apricot Kernal oil*

* Certified Organic

Apply 4-10 pumps to palm of hands and gently massage onto face in circular motions. Wash off with a warm wet bamboo facial cleansing flannel. For heavy makeup, you may need to reapply.

There is no need to scrub the skin clean. The idea is to leave the skin dewy soft. Harsh scrubbing or washing off of the oils only contributes to damaged skin and the skin producing more oil.