Nourish & Nurture Ceremonial Cacao

Nourish & Nurture Ceremonial Cacao


Ceremonial Grade Peruvian Cacao with Living West Australian Flower Essences to Nourish & Nurture.

  • Ceremonial Grade Peruvian Cacao
  • Goddess Grasstree
  • Pink Everlasting Flower
  • Leafless Orchid


"I am worthy to receive.”

“I give from an unlimited source of love”

Feel your body become anchored. Notice your heart open & expand. May every cell of your body be nourished. May your soul feel deeply nurtured.


A combination of flower essences for caregivers and parents who are always looking after others.

This blend helps to tap into the qualities of the divine feminine, allowing one to embody practices of self-care and tap into the unlimited flow of energy and love that flows within. It helps to fill up our own cup and to know we are worthy of receiving, as well as inspire giving and care from an unattached and unconditional place.

Helpful for those who feel empty and burnt out.


Blend 15-20g with 150ml warm water or nut milk. Add a dash of maple syrup to sweeten. Add ginger, chilli, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric for extra spice.

Store in the fridge for freshness.