Rescue Flower Essence 30ml

Rescue Flower Essence 30ml

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Using the Wisdom of Bach's Rescue Remedy combined with the supreme healing nature of citrine crystal and Elite shungite for maximum effect.

Use in times of distress, stress, anxiety, nervousness, worry, anger, frustration, helplessness, trauma.

Citrine enhances mental clarity, positiveness and helps to eliminate fears.

Elite shungite has a high content of fullerenes - usually 70-80. Normal Shungite has between 6-8. Fullerenes have been shown to enhance healing on all levels, allowing the body's natural healing ability to work more effectively.


7 drops under the tongue every 15 minutes for one hour in acute conditions. Or 10 drops in drinking water twice a day


Bach Floer Essence Rescue Remedy, 20% alcohol 5 times distilled Vodka, distilled water infused with citrine and Elite shungite